Sterling by Music Man

Sterling by Music man AX40 Trans Black Electric Guitar

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Each of these AX Series instruments has a body shape that is practically identical to that of the high-end Axis guitar. The guitars are built from lightweight and warm-sounding basswood, capped with a quilted maple veneer top and wrapped with cream binding. Sterling Zebra humbuckers are mounted directly to the body for excellent transference of acoustic energy.

As impressive as these budget guitars look and sound, it’s the feel of the necks that sets them apart from most other instruments in this range. They’re not very wide and are carved asymmetrically, so that the left hand is positioned more properly and comfortably. It’s the kind of ergonomically perfect feel that you expect to find on a guitar that’s been worn in through decades of constant use.

The truss rods are accessed in front of the neck pickup, and the headstocks are cut in the classic Music Man shape, with tuners split four on one side and two on the other. Incidentally, this tuner configuration results in Strat-like jangly mids courtesy of the long G string, and punchy highs from the shorter top strings. The fretwork on both of my test guitars was fantastic, and the medium jumbo frets were crowned superbly.

TYPE Semi-Hollow Body
BODY Basswood (Maple Top)
NECK Maple
NECK CONSTRUCTION 5 Bolt Music Man Designed Neck Joint
PICKUPS Sterling A5 zebra humbuckers