Folk Harp - 22 Strings Plain Sides Round Back w/bag

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22 string Folk Harp. Solid plain beechwood frame (uncarved) with Round Back. Built with sharpening levers, supplied in soft gig bag.

A unique model in the line, the 22 string folk harp has plain sides for a more understated look. Rounded back of the soundboard delivers a loud projection and full tone. The Folk harp is robust and is built with strong cam-style shapening levers to adjust tuning on the fly. 22 string range covers  3 octaves for a wide range of repertoire.

  • 22 strings - 3 octaves
  • 27" height
  • Perfect for intermediate songs and exercises
  • Note range of C3 to C6
  • Supplied in soft gig bag
  • Includes cam-style sharpening levers

Tuning method- Celtic harps are tuned Diatonically, i.e. to a Major Scale.

Starting at the bass end, the strings are tuned in the following fashion:

C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E etc

After tuning all the C notes should be on the RED strings and all of the F notes on the BLUE strings.