Casio Keyboard Power Supply - AD5

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Casio AD5 9volt power adaptor (AD-5)

Save the batteries for when you're away from home. These AC adapters plug you into endless hours of playing, not to mention save you a bundle on batteries. This high quality adapter is designed specifically for you Casio keyboard.

For use with all LK models, all CTK models (except the CTK-5000), the WK-110 and the WK-200.

Works with the following models: CTK-451, CTK-471, CTK-480, CTK-481, CTK-483, CTK-495, CTK-496, CTK-510, CTK-511, CTK-519, CTK-520L, CTK-530, CTK-533, CTK-540, CTK-555L, CTK-560L, CTK-571, CTK-573, CTK-591, CTK-611, CTK-620L, CTK-631, CTK-691, CTK-700, CTK-710, CTK-731, CTK-800, CTK-900, LK-100, LK-200S, LK-300TV, LK-40, LK-43, LK-45, LK-50, LK-55, LK-73, LK-90TV, LK-94TV & More (Please check the manual)


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