• DV Mark C412 Vintage 600W 4X12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

DV Mark C412 Vintage 600W 4X12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

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  • Brand: DV Mark
  • Product Code: C 412 VINTAGE
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Marco De Virgiliis created a revolution in bass speaker cabinets when he started using neodymium speakers, making cabs about half the weight they were before. All other manufacturers have followed suit and neodymium is now the new normal. Bass players will never look back. But guitarists have become understandably jealous, and it’s about time they enjoyed lighter gear. Tone and reliability are the top priorities. But light weight is a very welcome bonus!


This 600W, closed-back 4x12 has a flat-front vintage design that was very popular in the 60s. 

It covers both clean and distorted tones with pleasing fullness and ample headroom.
SPEAKER SIZE: 4x12” Neodymium DV Mark Custom 
IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (mono) or 2x 16 ohms (stereo)
CABINET: flat front, closed back
WIDTH: 774 mm / 30.47"
HEIGHT: 706 mm / 27.80"
DEPTH: 258 mm / 10.16"
WEIGHT: 19.7 kg / 43.43 lbs

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