• DV Mark C412 Standard 600W 4X12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

DV Mark C412 Standard 600W 4X12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

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  • Brand: Mark Bass
  • Product Code: C412 STANDARD
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Amazing tone, amazingly lightweight!


The C 412 Standard features four of our proprietary neodymium speakers in a relatively traditional- sized 4x12 slant cabinet. The result is an amazingly light cabinet (only 21.4kg/47.2 lbs!) with a full, percussive sound and thunderous projection. It has punch with plenty of detail in the mid and high end.

With 600 watts power handling capability, it will easily manage our 120 watt Bad Boy 120 or Triple 6 tube heads, or just about any other head you can think of.

People are amazed at how lightweight our 4x12 cabinets really are. When they pick them up (by themselves!), first they say something like “No way! I can’t believe this!”…then they ask if there are speakers inside. The secret, besides the lightweight magnets on the speakers, is the use of Italian poplar, a very lightweight and toneful wood.SPEAKER SIZE: 4x12” Neodymium DV Mark Custom 
IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (mono) or 2x 16 ohms (stereo)
CABINET: slant top, closed back
WIDTH: 706 mm / 27.80"
HEIGHT: 791 mm / 31.14"
DEPTH: 368 mm / 14.49"
WEIGHT: 21.4 kg / 47.18 lbs

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